Ivy’s hair is finally long enough for some really cute pigtails! She loves having them put in. Lance likes to comb his own into what he calls “big hair.”


Flora does her own styling with yogurt.

Unit study: Penguins

Due to the cooler weather we had one week, I thought it would be fun to study penguins.


Sliding on our tummies like a penguin!


Puddle stomping on a cool rainy day (penguins would do that, right?)


Playing in the ‘ocean’ (color tablets for the tub) with penguins I cut out of a plastic yogurt lid and colored with a sharpie. The ‘snow’ is shaving cream. This was a very popular activity – here you can see a seal about to eat the penguin. It’s a dangerous world out there!

Speaking of seals and danger….

The kids were supposed to slide off the ‘iceberg’ (couch) and collect paper fish to feed to the ‘baby penguin’ (a cup). We had played one round when I decided to add another element. I searched Youtube for a clip of a seal chasing a penguin, we watched it and then daddy walked through the door, earning the privilege of playing the ‘seal’. I think Ivy imitated the sound of a penguin in distress quite well. Lance, on the other hand, refused to budge off the couch until I got another empty cup to be his baby. The fact that his baby had nothing moved him to compassion just enough to make a quick dive, narrowly escaping with his life.

I never knew school could be so harrowing.

We later visited the zoo. The penguin exhibit brought many smiles and much discussion about all we had learned. What fun to watch little minds grow!

They love winter, snow and ice…

A recent unit study has been on cold weather activities. This required some imagination because January has mostly provided balmy weather. However, we read a few snow books and the kids seem to understand. So here’s our take on an indoor winter:


Snowman: Several boxes, a sheet and pillow. We also watched “The Snowman” on YouTube.


Snow science: I ground ice in the blender and let them use their senses to make observations. Funny, Lance and Ivy’s observation sheets were exactly opposite – if one thought it was cold and small, the other thought hot and big. After filling out our sheets, we poured on some chocolate syrup and had snow ice cream, followed by hot chocolate.


Ice skating: slippery shoes on Flora, wax paper on the bigger kids.


Snowflakes: I helped the kids cut out one or two then had a great time myself, decorating wall space.


Snowball fight: Mini marshmallows were thrown and then eaten.


And best of all – sledding!


We used the kid’s crib size mattresses, a recliner and some pillows to make the slope.


The hats and gloves were just for effect and quickly came off.

A few of the best clips.

Pooh Party!

I’ll bet you didn’t know that Jan. 18th was Whinnie the Pooh day. Well, neither did I until I saw it in some mom magazine and decided that was as good an excuse as any to throw a little party. So I googled some ideas, sent an evite and checked out some books from the library.


This is most of the attendees (minus one or two that didn’t care to pose). We jumped on the mini trampoline like Tigger, looked at the books and played pin the tail on Eeyore.


Guests were supposed to wear Pooh clothing. Here we have a Piglet and Eeyore – with or without ears….


We made paper bag puppets – thanks to the watchfulness of another mom, my apartment was spared any damage that could have occurred from 10 preschoolers let loose with markers.

For lunch the kids enjoyed peanut butter and honey sandwiches with blue “Eeyore” juice. Praise God it was a beautiful day and the kids could picnic on the back porch.


After lunch came cupcakes decorated to look like bees.


Aren’t they cute!?


What a fun party! After everyone left, my kids enjoyed a few Pooh episodes on Youtube while I cleaned the house.

Gingerbread houses

A post-Christmas blog about a pre-Christmas activity. Please forgive me for being out of season.

The week before Christmas we invited some friends over to make ‘gingerbread’ houses out of graham crackers and, of course, candy! The icing turned out perfect so the houses mostly stood under the strain of decoration.


Lance took to the task like a pro, surprisingly putting candy on the house instead of his mouth!


Ivy looked on for a while, learning the art.


Flora was stuck in her high chair with a plain cracker.


Ivy honed her skills and did quite well – candy canes, an m&m door and a cheerio pathway.


Bored with her chair, Flora lurked under the table, helpfully cleaning up anything that was dropped.


Ivy is so proud of her house!!! (that or the sugar is starting to kick in)


Lance shows off his finished work of art, complete with a smoking chimney and minus one piece of chocolate…


Flora volunteered to help with the clean up.


A fun time was had by all. I let them eat a piece of their houses the next day and while Ivy immediately pulled off a candy cane and started eating, Lance could hardly bring himself to ‘break’ his house. Finally his desire for the candy overcame his sense of ownership and he started in on his about the time Ivy finished up her piece and shared some with Flora.


Note: near the end of the video, Lance starts talking about the big bad wolf going down the chimney – you may or may not be able to make out what he’s saying.

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