Camp Grammy–Safari Adventure

Today’s unit: Elephants

First event of the day was reading books – this lays the foundation for all projects that follow. Grammy read while I Googled elephant activities.

We went on an elephant walk, doing things that elephants might do – like “eating” leaves, picking up “heavy” logs, helping the baby elephant (Flora) and listening for other elephants in the jungle (you should have seen the surprise on their face when they heard another elephant – Aunt Katie – trumpeting from a distance). We also decided that elephants probably throw rocks in the pond and catch tiny frogs.


We read a book about elephants that paint. We mimicked this by taping a paint brush on the back of  their hand.


A table on its side made a great easel!


Ivy, my artistic child, worked on her masterpiece long after the others were finished.


After cleaning up a bit, Grammy found some videos of elephants on Youtube while I made biscuit dough. They watched baby elephants playing and swimming.


Elephant biscuits were made and enjoyed as a yummy treat at lunch (after finishing your sandwich of course!)


After naps, Dad and I rigged the gray van to look like an elephant (Katie’s idea). Ivy was the one that remembered an elephant needed tusks!


We briefly rode the elephant…


Then gave it a good bath!


This was a big task so a few big people joined in.


Papa (my Dad) put away the cleaning supplies and hit upon some elephant trunks. Wish you could have heard the elephant calls – I think it would have started a stampede!


Aunt Katie makes the trunk spray water! Flora harkens back to Pirate camp and swabs the deck.


After bath time and a good dinner, we finished off the day by picking up toys with our “trunks” (socks on the arm).


And dancing to Saint-Saens “L’Elephant” while wearing our elephant masks.

Lunch with Dad

After taking pictures in the flowers, since we were already “out and about” we decided to go and have lunch with Daddy.

The kids LOVE going to see Dad at work, and can even pick out his building on the horizon as we drive around town (it’s a tall building).


We crossed the sky bridge from the parking garage to the building, avoided the escalator (I decided too many kids to make it safely) rode the elevator, visited with the receptionist, found Daddy, showed off the baby to a few co-workers, got Daddy’s lunch and went outside to eat. A strong wind picked up as we sat down, just to make things interesting.


After eating, Daddy helped the kids explore the horse statues.


This is so much fun!!


The kids traverse the plaza while mom and dad follow and chat about the day so far.


Ivy peeks up from her hiding place.


Lance and Flora test the water.


A fun, windy time with Dad. I’m glad the kids can visit and get a glimpse of the way their Dad works. He does such a good job providing for us and loving us. Thanks Daddy!!


Good rains and plenty of sunshine made this an extra good year for bluebonnet pictures.


We were supposed to take a extended family shot in the flowers but the day of the shoot, baby Eden decided that she wanted her face in the picture too – even if it wasn’t with everyone else.


The day Eden arrived, my Mom had her picture taken in the bluebonnets with all the other grandkids. When she came to visit the newest one we had to update her portfolio. I love this shot of my Mom because she looks so young and full of life.


Of course, I wanted one of all four siblings in the bluebonnets. My sister sent a yellow onesie for the baby, which allowed for a fun, bright coordinating color. Thus attired, we set out to capture some cuteness.


This is much easier planned than actually accomplished. However, with the help of a friend, we managed at least one decent group shot!

Individual shots were a bit easier:


Lance – I think he was “killing” the flowers.


Ivy – paused in the middle of her frolic in the flowers, always ready with a cute smile!


Flora – my freckled, blonde, blue-eyed girl, not much taller than the flowers!


Eden – who had had quite enough of the photo shoot, thank you!

They’re Back!

Due to the lack of updates over the last 2 1/2 weeks you have probably guessed that the kids are back home. The transition has gone really well, it’s just I don’t seem to have a lot of extra time anymore :-)


This is LIFE for us right now – and a wonderful one it is too! Let’s take a little peek behind the scenes and see how things are going.

201204_011130_ti9260  201204_011130_ti9261

We went to get the kids on Sunday, a good 9 days since we had seen them last. The older two must have been shown pictures because they ran in, gave me a hug and then immediately recognized the small one in my arms as “baby Eden.”


Flora spotted me, came running and then stopped short, noticing the intruder on her space. She decided sharing my lap was okay and proceeded to examine mom’s new attachment.


I’m still supposed to be “taking it easy” and therefore have had to rely on the kids to help out more. (they are watering the plants in the above picture). Ivy particularly has shone in her ability and willingness to help, sometimes to the  point I forget that she’s just 2 1/2! I’m thinking she should be able to run the house by the time she’s six.


Flora has had a bigger adjustment – while not jealous of the new baby, she’s had a hard time letting go of the ‘baby’ status. She has totally regressed in her finger sucking habit and likes to sneak off after a meal, find a pillow and have what I call her ‘after dinner “smoke”. She’s also been carried everywhere and still expects it – at a park I unloaded the kids out of the car, the oldest two running ahead and me following with Eden and diaper bag. I look back to see Flora still standing by the car, the expression on her face saying “well, who is going to carry ME?”


To help with integration I try and have the kids do what they can together – the girls were quite intrigued with bathing the baby.


As the days go by, the kids are learning more and more how to play with and entertain their new sister. (Though I’m suspicious they just enjoy the “new” toys that I bring out.)


Eden doesn’t lack for stimulation and is really much loved by her siblings. (Trying out the new finger puppets) In fact, Flora has developed a fascination with Eden, squealing, laughing and waving her arms excitedly when she discovers the baby on the floor.

Yes, LIFE may be busy, but it’s never dull!


We love our “little” family! (Easter morning)

My new Job

The stuff i did….

hello, i’m the newest worker at the franchise. with the addition of my help, mommy now has more employees than daddy!

as usual, a newbie has to prove their usefulness so i’ve been working hard.


one of my first jobs was inspecting the carseat. as you can tell i gave it more than a once over before deeming it worthy of my presence.


another job is taste testing – anything that’s not quite up to par i promptly spit back out. this task consumes much of my day.


as a special favor, i helped mommy plant and water her flower seeds.


all these chores get me quite dirty so i took it upon myself to get a bath in my time off…


this was quite relaxing.


of course, being more presentable i was put to task in the hospitality department. i entertained guests both big…


….and small (me and cousin Greg).


all of this work is quite exhausting. i take great pains to get in my beauty rest when i can because tonight, i’m on duty again!

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