They’re Back!

Due to the lack of updates over the last 2 1/2 weeks you have probably guessed that the kids are back home. The transition has gone really well, it’s just I don’t seem to have a lot of extra time anymore :-)


This is LIFE for us right now – and a wonderful one it is too! Let’s take a little peek behind the scenes and see how things are going.

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We went to get the kids on Sunday, a good 9 days since we had seen them last. The older two must have been shown pictures because they ran in, gave me a hug and then immediately recognized the small one in my arms as “baby Eden.”


Flora spotted me, came running and then stopped short, noticing the intruder on her space. She decided sharing my lap was okay and proceeded to examine mom’s new attachment.


I’m still supposed to be “taking it easy” and therefore have had to rely on the kids to help out more. (they are watering the plants in the above picture). Ivy particularly has shone in her ability and willingness to help, sometimes to the  point I forget that she’s just 2 1/2! I’m thinking she should be able to run the house by the time she’s six.


Flora has had a bigger adjustment – while not jealous of the new baby, she’s had a hard time letting go of the ‘baby’ status. She has totally regressed in her finger sucking habit and likes to sneak off after a meal, find a pillow and have what I call her ‘after dinner “smoke”. She’s also been carried everywhere and still expects it – at a park I unloaded the kids out of the car, the oldest two running ahead and me following with Eden and diaper bag. I look back to see Flora still standing by the car, the expression on her face saying “well, who is going to carry ME?”


To help with integration I try and have the kids do what they can together – the girls were quite intrigued with bathing the baby.


As the days go by, the kids are learning more and more how to play with and entertain their new sister. (Though I’m suspicious they just enjoy the “new” toys that I bring out.)


Eden doesn’t lack for stimulation and is really much loved by her siblings. (Trying out the new finger puppets) In fact, Flora has developed a fascination with Eden, squealing, laughing and waving her arms excitedly when she discovers the baby on the floor.

Yes, LIFE may be busy, but it’s never dull!


We love our “little” family! (Easter morning)

2 responses to “They’re Back!”

  1. Lori

    Eden looks a little red in the bathing pic. You may advise the kids not to scrub so hard ;)

    I’m glad you have someone to be the big helper.

  2. Anne

    I absolutely love your Easter pic. Whenever things are tough, look at it again – everyone is smiling! Can’t wait to have an African animals week with you!

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