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God knows what we have need of even if we don’t. After working all week until Thursday and then staying out late at a Christmas presentation that night, dad told me to rest up the next day. (I was staying home Christmas Eve to help mom cook and clean) Well being my normal self I couldn’t […]


 Last night as we were going to a Christmas eve party God gave me a song. It started out one way, but ended up taking a whole different tack as I wrote it out. After having been at college with my two sisters I still tend to think of us in threes so it has […]


Praise God for the unique Texas weather! This morning at six it was 32 degrees and my bare hands ached with cold as I did push-ups on the front porch after my jog. By lunchtime it was 75 so we had a picnic outdoors  and this evening I played soccer in shorts because the weather was […]


Boy I have an exciting post this time! It’s about a wonderful event that happened not too long ago in the Jones family. I really meant to post this right when it happened, but due to averaging ten hours a day working with my dad and preparing for my English comp test, all “non-essential” activities […]


  The angels announced Christ’s birth and then broke into singing, worshiping the Lord incarnate. The shepherds too, praised God for all the things that they had heard and seen. This last week I have had many opportunities to prepare my heart for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Immediately upon our arrival home we were […]

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