A little project

Katie wanted to help me out last week and when our first project (finding and assembling the crib in the barn loft) fell through due to lack of hardware, I had to come up with something else.

There was a little table I had been thinking to make for our entryway and now seemed as good a time as any. So while Katie cleaned the shower (which had been bothering me for a while) I drew up the plans and cut the boards.

pic 127


I finished cutting about the time she finished cleaning and together we  assembled the table.

pic 132

Start to finish it took about two hours and supplies cost me nothing – just boards from a fence my brother took down and whatever screws I could scrounge. Amazing to me is that it sells for $100 on etsy. Felt like I had earned money that afternoon!

pic 129

Here’s the whole entry way for perspective. Supposedly guests could put their shoes there. It was a fun little project.

A moment

pic 163 

This is a picture of a perfect school moment. I was in the middle of it and realized that all were busily doing what they were supposed to and so I wanted to document the moment. Because “a moment” is  a good description. I was playing a sight word game with Lance and Ivy, the two younger girls were working on scissor skills and Iris was exploring her connecting blocks. It was a good moment and it’s going in my thankfulness journal!

Random events

Here’s a few fun things we have experienced recently!

pic 007

Big Event – about 15 college students came and helped us move dirt, clear garden space and split wood. The kids kept them well entertained at lunch and the big guy on the left was Eden’s special buddy the whole time.

Livestock show: Cousin Connor was showing his meat chickens so we went to watch and experience the atmosphere.

pic 004 

We observed the cows

pic 006

Said hi to the pigs and watched them get a bath…

pic 003

And played in the sheep and goat scale. You can squeeze 6 kids in at once!

pic 022

On Easter, we went to my parents church and enjoyed some beautiful music. Then everyone went out to watch a helicopter drop Easter eggs.

pic 024 

Here they come!

pic 025 

The actual hunt was a mob scene but that didn’t seem to bother the kids. The fact that they got to wear their most beautiful dresses that morning was an added bonus to the day. Afterwards we enjoyed lunch with my parents.

pic 073

AWANA drive in movie night. Were given a cardboard box and told to create a car. Lance wanted a fast car with fire, found a picture online and we copied it. Ivy had a host of ideas and things changed as we went along until we ended with a sort of camper. Her car was awarded the title “prettiest orange car” while Lance got “coolest hot rod” – which in my thoughts is sort of an oxymoron.

pic 012

New grass planting requires watering – a perfect spot for fun on a warm afternoon.

pic 046

April showers bring…..muddy children! These two have some incredible leg muscles; they played in the squat position for over half an hour! Mom and Dad read a book while watching from the garage.


And this is what the big kids enjoyed during that time. This came after a walk where we saw the neighbors enjoying water on a trampoline and that made everyone “so hot” that we had to do the same!

Flower pictures

Well, here we are, enjoying spring time and the flowers that come with the season. The morning was overcast so I thought we would gather ourselves together and take a few pictures.

pic 079

Well, apparently it takes awhile to gather ourselves and it was sunny by the time we arrived at a bluebonnet patch. The kids were good troopers though and managed to pose a decent shot.

pic 115


pic 101 


pic 127

Flora – my little flower.

We then went shopping and were headed home when I passed another spot with better flowers and by that time the sky was party cloudy so I decided to try again.

pic 137


pic 139


It was lunchtime and we had after shopping attitudes, but bribed with marshmallows, and coached by Aunt Katie we managed another few group shots.

pic 173

Waiting in the shade for a cloud to cover the sun.

pic 153


pic 180 

My little clan.

So there you have it folks, yearly tradition checked off the list!

Tradition continued

When a birthday rolls around in Brian’s family someone often creates a treasure hunt in order for them to find their presents. Brian had a special present for Lance, so the evening after his party, Brian sat down and made some picture clues to hide around the house.

pic 294

They were everywhere – even in the attic!

pic 295

The treasure was found in the crawlspace under our house!

pic 299

The treasure was a leatherman type tool with “more things than you can imagine” according to Lance.

pic 307

Brian gave a little class on proper knife use and etiquette while Iris sampled the wood shavings.

pic 339

3 days later Brian was back to the drawing board, creating a hunt for Eden’s birthday! Here he helps the girls decipher a drawing. We realized that a ‘bird’s eye view’ drawing of an item is somewhat puzzling to a child under 3 ft.

pic 340

Everyone gets in on the action – even Iris! Picking up on the excitement, she would happily run after everyone and manage to catch up right as they dashed off to the next clue.

pic 346 

Presents were found, though out of their hiding place and partially unwrapped. All denied having done the deed so Iris was made the scapegoat and pardoned on account of not knowing any better. Eden finished unwrapping and delighted in finding a maze book and a craft kit.

Fun times with fun kids!

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