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Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve contributed to the xanga ring, guess I was enjoying real life too much It looks like my site was hacked while I was gone, oh well. I am finally going to post the Sevens thing that I was tagged with. This will be a little different however because […]


Your site might be given back to you, if you promise to let us open all our presents early.


Man, Timothy is such a good brother!  He  is so much  fun!  We  played star  wars  trivial pursuit  the  other  day  and he was great! Well got to go! sorry about the seven sevens.


I know I have been tagged with the “seven sevens ” survey and I will get to that. But first I just want to share good tiding of great joy which shall be for…well, mostly me. (and those that choose to rejoice with them that do rejoice). I have talked to my academic counselor at […]


                                                           THE ABDUCTION                                                   A Jones theatrical production that shockingly resembles real life.                                         […]

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