My new Job

The stuff i did….

hello, i’m the newest worker at the franchise. with the addition of my help, mommy now has more employees than daddy!

as usual, a newbie has to prove their usefulness so i’ve been working hard.


one of my first jobs was inspecting the carseat. as you can tell i gave it more than a once over before deeming it worthy of my presence.


another job is taste testing – anything that’s not quite up to par i promptly spit back out. this task consumes much of my day.


as a special favor, i helped mommy plant and water her flower seeds.


all these chores get me quite dirty so i took it upon myself to get a bath in my time off…


this was quite relaxing.


of course, being more presentable i was put to task in the hospitality department. i entertained guests both big…


….and small (me and cousin Greg).


all of this work is quite exhausting. i take great pains to get in my beauty rest when i can because tonight, i’m on duty again!

3 responses to “My new Job”

  1. Anne

    Cute!!! And she makes Greg look big. See ya soon!

  2. Stacie

    This is so cute! I didn’t know being a baby could be such hard work.

    So what are you doing with all your spare time now that you have 4 workers doing all your work? :)

  3. Lindsey

    Ha! Let’s put her next to the next runner up,…Parker! He’ll be a monster! Hahaha

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