Zoo Adventures!

Last week we had some nice weather on the Ft. Worth Zoo half price day so on a whim I decided to take the kids.


This little guy is advertising some dinosaur exhibit coming in April. He also jinxed our whole trip. He moved a little and made a dinosaur noise. He made Lance nervous and Ivy terrified (she wouldn’t even look at it) and then the kids were scared of half the exhibits afterwards! Of course, that may have been my fault because we went to the reptile house first. It’s also Daddy’s fault because of the “scary alligator” episode at the Rain Forest Cafe. Neither kid would go near the alligator at the zoo.


Here is Lance nervously sitting on the turtle statue for a picture. I kept telling him it wasn’t real but I don’t think I ever convinced him. If that thing had moved……


He eventually warmed up to the turtle exhibit (after all, they are extremely interesting animals) and enjoyed chasing them up and down the glass tank. Ivy liked the fish.


This guy was a little scary too but he was still enough not to cause alarm – especially after we had already braved the snakes. Did I mention Ivy mostly stayed in the stroller?


Flamingos were less scary and very noisy – Lance started enjoying himself.


This was a very cool train “exhibit” that elicited more interest out of the two of them than any of the other animals did.


Ivy had regained her composure by the time we made it to the penguins and both kids enjoyed seeing them up close.


Elephants, giraffes and the frisky monkeys were also great fun. So we ended the trip on a happy note though the next day Ivy came to me in the kitchen saying “scary,” I asked her “scary what?” She seriously replied “scary alligator.”

Lastly here are a few animal pictures that I liked.


This one isn’t that great but check out the colors on this Mandrill! The sign said it was so the pack could easily recognize him as the leader but I wonder if it’s more useful in impressing the girls! :-)






Komodo Dragon

Keeping up with the Joneses

Having once been a Jones I know what it’s like to “have arrived”. Now that I’m married I like to go back every once and a while to catch up on the latest trends.

“Couples” are a new mode appearing on the market and with the classic “male/female” look I think this one will last for a long time.


Another Jones just paired off and a Easter wedding is up and coming!

One trend leads to another and so it seems that babies are all the rage:


Looks like I’m right with the times on this fashion!


My brother and his wife pose with their newest – Parker Owen

IMG_4533 (1)

Jenny and Flora sport their matching Valentine outfits. Amazing how the cousins can look so different!


This fad is so compelling that Uncle Dude tries to claim all the nieces and nephews as his own! Free babysitting perhaps…?

Of course, for the classic look new convention mixed with time honored custom makes for happy times like:


Papa reading to the grandkids


And a romantic candle light dinner for valentines.


So if life has you fishing for the latest “thing”, check out the Joneses!

(note: the Joneses can’t quite catch the Cahills in disc golf but the suitors that make the cut are reshaping the market)


Happy Valentines Day!!!


My little love bugs.


Cookies that Lance made and decorated all by himself.

Consider yourself loved!


I’m going through pictures to pick the ones I want to print and found this one:


This is me the day before I had Flora – you can’t even tell I’m pregnant!

Snow Day!!

I peeked out the door this morning to see what the forecast of snow had given us and was amazed by a quiet, beautiful snowscape. After about 20 min of bundling the kids and myself up in warm clothes we went out to enjoy the weather! (Flora stayed inside with Daddy for those of you that wondered).


I carried the kids down the steps, set them in the snow and stepped back to see what they would do….



Ivy was a little snow mobile – no help needed here! Notice the plastic bags around the feet to keep the snow out? I’ll bet that increased our outside time by 10 min!


Lance loves the idea of snow but the actuality is a bit more than he cared to face by himself. Perhaps he was remembering the slippery ice of the last few days.


He loved the icicles though – I think that one is as big as he is!


I loved the snow on the rock wall!


This reminded me of something you would only see up north!


It’s funny, the pool was frozen over yesterday and I watched some of the apt. complex staff take their pictures standing on the edge of the ice. I wanted to do the same today but everything had turned slushy even though the temps had stayed cold.


Ivy enjoys the “hot tub”


And this picture is just because I thought the pattern was really cool.

No snow sculptures because it’s so cold the snow is powdery and not wet enough to stick together. There’s a dad and his kids outside right now trying to build a snowman and it probably took the 30 min to pack two balls together for a two foot snowman. Maybe I’ll take the kids out to admire it in a little while….

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