One girl, two birthdays!


In March, we were privileged to celebrate the 6th birthday of our Eden girl!

Since we were currently reading the American Girl books for “Molly” we had a party with our co-op group on that theme. The cake is like the one Molly had in the book.

We played some of the classic school yard games like Red Rover and Statues.


Molly also enjoyed roller skating, and in one book shared the fun with a friend by each using one while pretending to walk a dog  with a jump rope. We tried out roller skating which is harder than it looks! The weather was beautiful and we had a lot of fun.

About two weeks later we joyfully celebrated a new birth day for Eden as she was born again into the family of God!

Her earthly family gathered (including many of the cousins!) to witness her baptism.

She affirmed her desire to be a part of God’s family, confessing with her mouth the Lord Jesus whom she believed was raised from the dead.



Brian baptized her. (note: she wanted to wear the same dress that Ivy and Flora had been baptized in a year and two years previously)


Behold, a new sister in Christ! She has been interested in being a part of God’s family (as she puts it) since the time of Lance and Flora’s baptism but we had waited, unsure if it was a sincere desire or just an imitating of the older ones. She has mentioned it off and on throughout the last year but I’ve always just waited for her to push the issue. Our Bible study this year was on Revelation and as we went over the lesson on Jesus reaping the harvest she again expressed her desire to be part of God’s family. Brian happened to be working from home that day so the two of us were able to talk with her and walk with her through understanding exactly what that meant. What a neat moment. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity that our Bible study has provided for a chance to daily disciple our children and discuss the things of God.



And of course, as with our other birthday celebrations, refreshments and games with cousins followed.

We baptized her Easter weekend – what a glorious way to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ!


Lance turns 10!

Each birthday that comes around is highly anticipated. Lance asked if he could have the day off of school and I said yes – good thing, because he was so excited he couldn’t concentrate anyhow!


Lance had some very specific ideas for his birthday cake. He wanted gummi worms coming out and people shooting at them. Garrison helped.

I dubbed the cake “gummi worm Armageddon.”

The party itself was a blast. We used my dad’s partially constructed house as a Nerf war zone.


Brian explained the scenarios and acted as Ref.

Guns were carefully selected and loaded.

And the war was on!


We put up cardboard barriers all over the house.

The girls were skeptical about getting shot, so they watched the proceedings from a scaffolding.

It looked like so much fun they eventually decided to join the fray.


There was cake and presents – but really, the main fun was in the play.

January recap

Our return to school from the Christmas holidays has gone fairly well. The first week in January, pre-school had a snow theme with the book, “Katy and the Big Snow.” The book is about a snow plow that clears the city roads after a big snowstorm. My sister came over most days to help so we were able to do a lot of fun projects.

They created a city map and had construction trucks push cotton balls around, clearing the “snow” from the roads.

Shaving cream snow was cleared away from the houses. Some toy cars were used but hands worked much better.

A tricycle and laundry basket made a decent snowplow to collect sock “snowballs” while practicing compass directions.

Measuring the snowfall from the story “first 6 inches, then 1 foot, then 2 feet, then 5 feet!”

Skye helps make a batch of play snow – never can have too much!

We also had fun with some snow themed food.

Snowflake pancakes for breakfast!

Hard boiled egg raisins and cheese sticks made a fun lunch.

Tried our hand at meringues – but they didn’t set well. Still made a gooey good dessert at supper.

An unexpected addition to our snow theme came a week or so later when the local ice skating rink had a free day!


Everyone started out on the cones…

…but it wasn’t long until they were out on their own! They enjoyed it so much we stayed the entire 3 hours!

Near the end, Riley, Brian and I played a little bumper hockey. Loads of fun but uses a lot of energy!

Our final wrap up was a snow family fun night. We used balled socks to play a variety of games.

Snowball toss. (Cousin Bruce – foreground – thinks this family is nuts!)

The best was during the snowball fight – Ivy stuffed a snow-sock ball down Daddy’s shirt in imitation of snow play and Daddy jumped around yelling “cold, cold, cold!!!” Which sent all the kids into hysterics.

We had some great bonding family time.





It’s a….

The kids find out if they are having a brother or sister!

The newest addition

Our family and farm is always growing, but this time growth took on the form of a new species altogether! A long awaited dream materialized a few days before Christmas in the form of a 5 lb. ball of fur.

The pup was dubbed SUSE (a Linux distribution; i.e. a computer nerd thing). She’s a mix of German Shepherd, Border Collie and Bull Terrier.

Her main place of residence will be in the barn – hopefully to deter raccoons – but the weather was so cold the first week that she spent some time inside. Not only did this help with the initial bonding, but it provided a great energy outlet for cooped up kids.

She also made for a handy weight during my exercise sessions.

By the end of the cold weather, she was officially one of the pack.

As she grows and her behavior needs attention I hope to mentor my older kids in the art of training.

But for now, she enjoys her pack, following them around the yard, chasing leaves and obligingly tasting mud pie creations.

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