Greek Drama!

We just finished up the fall semester for our co-op! I was in charge of history class and we covered ancient Greece. For part of our class, we worked on drama presentations and were able to perform them for the parents on our celebration night.

Ivy coached the 6-9 year old class in several of Aesop’s fables. Click on the link if you want to watch a particular production.


The Dogs and the Hide


The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The Lion, the Bear and the Fox

The Boy who Cried Wolf

The older class did a Greek drama of the myth “Pandora’s Box” from Drama notebook.

We made theater masks – a tradition started by the Greeks – to represent the emotion of each character.

Zeus tells Epimethius and Prometheus that fire is only for the gods.

Hope, the last to escape the box, gives comfort to the distraught Pandora.

The entire cast! Enjoy the production here.

3 responses to “Greek Drama!”

  1. Anne

    Great unit study!!!

  2. Tom Bickel

    American homes have such high ceilings! I can touch my ceilings in half the rooms in our rabbit hutch (home) in Japan.

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