Last Day of School

This week, as everyone was posting their first day of school pictures, we were actually celebrating the last day of our co-op semester! So here we are posed, not as starting out on a learning adventure, but in the final stages of knowledge application. I give you, Ancient Egyptians:     Since I was photographing all the kids in the co-op, somehow Ryder got missed in the shuffle – but he dressed up too. We had all kinds of fun learning about different aspects of Egypt over an 8 week period. The following pictures are just a sample:    Pre-school made the crook and flail carried by Pharaoh. They painted the chariots of the conquering Hyksos warriors. IMG_7810 Ace enjoyed acting out mummification.  The middle group made costume pieces, IMG_7807 Painted Tut masks,  And enjoyed an archeological dig.  Girls of the older group created dioramas…  while the boys made weapons and shields. IMG_7822 Tomb paintings were a big hit with everyone. Our final day finished with a potluck feast of Egyptian food and a museum showcasing what we had done!  The kids wrote articles and Ivy put them together into a newspaper.  Artifacts from the dig. Canopic jars and the coffin/burial layers of a Pharoah. Dazzling treasures from the tomb! All in all, we had a great time with this unit, learning about another time and people.

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  1. Stacie

    I would have LOVED a coop like this as a kid! Egypt is the most interesting subject!

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