2 birthdays

Garrison recently celebrated 2 birthdays on the same day! Let me explain.

This summer he saw his cousin follow Jesus through baptism and had a lot of questions. We had multiple conversations on sin and the choice to either reject or accept Jesus’ death as payment for that sin. During one of these conversations, I could tell he was under conviction of his sin but not sure how to proceed. I asked if he wanted to repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness and follow Him. Garrison said yes and I had the privilege to lead him in a prayer of faith. The change was immediate! He went from squirming discomfort to radiant joy! He went to tell his Dad and then the rest of his siblings.

We talked about baptism, and he thought it would be neat to wait until his cousin visited and be baptized then – so that put the date as the day after Thanksgiving! Then as we discussed his upcoming birthday (Dec 18) he thought it would be fun to celebrate that with his cousin as well, so we put both events on the same day!

Garrison wanted a lego party, so we borrowed a big tub of legos from a neighbor, spread them out on the floor and let them have at it!

Easiest party ever!


The Uncles had more fun than the kids I think :-) My two brothers would toss each other a random piece and challenge the other to work it in to their ship design.

That afternoon family and some friends gathered for the baptism.

We sang some Hymns, including Garrison’s “theme” song “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” and Garrison gave testimony and was then baptized by his father.


Garrison with his cousin – may these two be the friend that sticks closer than a brother, the iron that sharpens each other and spurs the other to love and good works!

We celebrated with birthday cake that symbolizes both the lego interest of a 6 year old boy and the start of a new life in Christ.

Garrison – you are my strong tower, a defender of the weak and fatherless. May you follow the Lord with all of your heart, for all of your life and may you courageously fight the kingdom of darkness as a warrior of God’s kingdom here on earth.



2 responses to “2 birthdays”

  1. Grammy

    A day of rejoicing!

  2. Tom Bickel

    Praise God for children coming to faith in Him!

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