October happenings


So October happens to be a special month for us – it holds the anniversary of starting our together life.


Brian is as devoted now as he was starting out – and maybe even more!

Of course, the season of October and big family of little kids brings many other happenings as well!


The bulk apple order came and went – this time bringing some pears. Skye and Brian sauce pears.


Flora, Amy and Eden slice and bag apples for the freezer. We also put up about 75 Qts. of applesauce.


With cooler weather (somewhat) the sandbox regained popularity and many hours of entertainment transpired. Garrison was delighted with this new play place since he had exhausted exploring the possibilities of the house.


We kept up a good pace for school. I have introduced assignment sheets this year and while it takes a little forethought and time each week, I’m loving how the kids are working on their own while I float around helping as needed. The kids can turn in a months worth of assignment sheets for a special family fun event.


Our first event was taking the oldest 4 to a new trampoline place in town. (this came to be because we had a groupon)IMG_8815

They loved bouncing around but I think the foam pit was their favorite.



We also enjoyed a trip to Henderson to see all the Cahill cousins. Went to the park for a bit in an effort to expend some of the exuberance before afternoon rest time.

We memorized a passage from Daniel over the summer, in preparation for studying the book in the fall. We had the opportunity to quote it for the other ladies in the Bible study group and took advantage of the occasion to record it and share.


And last but not least, Garrison was thrilled to find out that he now ranks as a “big brother.”

While the timing was a bit quicker than we planned, another cutie like this will be a welcome addition to 2018.

Well, that’s all for now – see you again next month!

5 responses to “October happenings”

  1. Stacie

    Congratulations, Amy!! SO many blessings and such sweet kids. May the Lord give you strength and wisdom for the year ahead. I love you, sister!

  2. anne jones

    Congratulations to you all! We love you and are thrilled to see to see how God is working in your life raising a mighty army for Him. All the kids are so sweet!!

  3. Jack Paslay

    Always enjoy your blog. Favorite this time is Eden and her drawing.

  4. Laura Cahill

    You’re pregnant! How wonderful! I love reading about all your family is doing!

  5. Ruth

    That’s wonderful, Amy! Children are indeed a blessing from the Lord! Your kids are sweet and I love that y’all live close and I actually get to see you guys sometimes!! :)

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