2016 – A kids eye view


Hi I’m Lance (8). I like playing with Legos. I started earning money this year. I wash dishes, do laundry and pull weeds to earn money. I bought a carving set with my money. I am learning words this year. I like collecting things and got a drawer carrier to organize my collections in for my Birthday. I am excited about getting a baby brother. We had a scavenger hunt to figure out if the Baby was going to be a boy or a girl. I am able to clean the ashes out of the fireplace and help Dad start a fire. I can’t wait until Christmas.


Hi I’m Ivy (7). I like ponies and the herd your horses game. I have learned how to read and you can often find me snuggled up on the couch reading a good book. I am becoming Mommy’s helper and can wash Skye and get her out of her high chair. I am also helping her take showers and start to potty train. I liked playing in the Mississippi river. I am saving up my money to buy Christmas presents for others. I am taking care of the barn all by myself now. I milk the goats twice a day, gather eggs and let Mom know if there is a problem.

Hi I’m Flora (6). I empty the dishwasher and put food away after each meal. I like to play my little ponies. Iris had her birthday this year. I had my birthday too, we played on the playground and we opened up presents and I had a cake that looked like a quilt. We are making crafts for Christmas songs. I like to play Garanimals matching game.


Hi I’m Eden (4). I like playing the headband game. I am learning to clean the bathroom and I am cleaning the bathroom Flora used to clean and Iris is cleaning the bathroom I used to clean. I am reading my sight word books in school. I loved being at Nanas house, I played with stuff. I am learning how to sweep the kitchen floor. I didn’t have cake at my birthday. I like playing with my bobbly heads. I love reading books. I have lots of eyes. I love to see the nutcracker at Christmas. I love to be gentle with glass stuff and I love doing my chores.


Hi I’m Iris (3)! I like to play the dress up doll game. I am learning to pat my knees and how to sing in school. I have started cleaning the bathroom and I know how to wipe the table and am learning to sweep the floor. I am learning how to play baby dolls. I like to wear zippy zebra clothes. I love doing crafts. I like when Eden and I wear matching overalls.

Hi I’m Skye (18mo.). I am starting to learn how to communicate. I love playing with Baby dolls. I get a treat if I go Potty in the potty. I like doing barn chores with Ivy. I like all kinds of animals and will stop whatever we are doing to “talk” to them. I also like to wave “hi” to cars. I watch the big people doing things and then I try it myself!

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