Old fashioned celebration


Flora is on the brink of changing years – from 5 to 6!

We’ve been reading some American Girls books and doing period crafts and cooking for our co-op this year. The first books were on Kirsten, a Swedish immigrant in pioneer America. The stories were a favorite not only with our children but their cousins as well. Since cousin Jenny shares a close birthday the girls have done their parties together most years and this year’s theme was inspired by our recent studies. So we grabbed a few more girls and headed to an old homestead staffed with reenactors and set up for fun!!


Looks like an old time school photo – though it could also pass as a family photo since all but one of these children are cousins!


Welcome to the farm, roll up your sleeves because we could use an extra hand around here!


There’s washing….


..and hanging out to dry.


Sweep out the house


Start on lunch….


then the kitchen needs more firewood!


Once the garden is watered then the chores will be done!

Since this is a celebration there will be time for some fun and games! We have something for everyone!


Checkers on the front porch for the men.


Blocks and coloring for the little ones.


Hoops for rolling


And hoops for tossing!


And an assortment of toys to amuse everyone.


Happy birthday Jenny and Flora!!!

3 responses to “Old fashioned celebration”

  1. anne jones

    Lovely post of a fun, even though chilly, day!

  2. Laura Cahill

    What a fun birthday! I remember playing “Little House on the Prairie” growing up and it was always so much fun! Thanks to Kimberly and Rachel, we had some awesome dresses and aprons and bonnets to dress up in!

  3. Stacie Graber

    That is such a special birthday! I bet they will remember it for a long time!

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