How to get something done

Many of you have probably seen this film short done by a fellow mom and her 20 month old baby. Please, take a minute and enjoy some of the humor of parenting.

I saw it, enjoyed it, watched again with the kids and all had a good laugh. I scrolled through some of the comments and enjoyed pictures of “naughty” babies that other parents shared. Then I ran across a comment that said the baby should be trained to not touch and mess up what mom is doing. This got me thinking.

Babies have an incredible interest in the mundane of life, desiring to do everything they watch us doing. If we train them to stand to the side and do nothing, they will probably continue in that state as children and teens. What would it look like if we just redirected the baby’s efforts a bit? I grabbed my 15 month old and a camera to reproduce the short with a different slant. Hope you enjoy!

9 responses to “How to get something done”

  1. Stacie

    SO PRECIOUS! That turned out great.

  2. Joseph

    That was a fun video! When I was a little guy I once poured a pitcher of pumpkin pie filling over my head while ‘helping’ her make pie. Just a few years later and I was able to make it myself.

  3. anne jones

    I bet you had so many children to do all the work. ; )

  4. Kim

    This is GREAT Amy!! Loved it!

  5. Emily

    Oh wow!!! This is such an amazing video!!! Jordan and I were just talking about that other video and how cute it was but not something that we would want with our own kids. (I know I’m a little emotional right now) but I was crying with your video response! This was such an encouragement to a (fairly) new mom as myself!!! Thank you thank you thank you for listening to what God laid on your heart to do. It really inspired me and encouraged me more than you know!

  6. Laura

    Your video was wonderful! It showed how it is possible to truly train a child even as young as yours!

  7. Carol Cahill

    Love it. You need to post it on Facebook.

  8. Ruth

    I love it!! What an excellent point you made!

  9. Erin

    Love it! So cute! You can see how proud of herself she is to be helping. .. my little ones love to help too. Such a joy!

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