New arrival

pic 535 

Well, the kittens came and are already opening their eyes!

 pic 519

The chicks hatched on schedule and provide much entertainment!

pic 520

Ivy has her two favorites – Tiny Tim and Jezebel. The others have been named Arrow-dart, Snow White, Stormy, Coco, Snacks and Egg Yolk. Brian and I have declined the kids’ help in naming our baby.

pic 528 

Yesterday afternoon we walked out to a surprise – two little goats were there to greet us! This momma did a great job handling things herself and we are blessed with two girl babies which we plan to keep.

pic 539

They are so small and cute right now! Iris isn’t sure what to make of them yet but she enjoys them.  They look very similar – one is a little lighter than the other. Previous goats had been given names from Disney movies and there was an enthusiastic vote that these two should be called Elsa and Anna.

And now I’m the only one left, with just a week until my due-date!

4 responses to “New arrival”

  1. Stacie

    Looking forward to seeing the many blessings!!

  2. anne jones

    I’m looking forward to a very special blessing!

  3. Lori

    Can’t wait to see them tomorrow!

  4. Carol Cahill

    Blessings just keep happening at your place.

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