The new life of Spring is coming a bit late around our place this year but it’s about to hit in full force!

pic 151

pic 143 

The cat is miserably fat and spends much of her time laying around.

pic 220

We have eggs in the incubator which should hatch in about 5 days!

pic 214

The goat is heavy with expectancy too – though it was hard to get a picture that shows how big she is right now. I’m guessing at least twins.

pic 303

And there is also a new human due to arrive hopefully within the next two weeks.

pic 318 I think the animals have me beat in number of offspring, but we are anticipating a fifth sister for Lance! Now the question is – who will pop first?!


pic 497

Before I could get this posted, the cat was relieved of her burden and produced our largest ever litter of kittens – 8!

 pic 512

We just found them yesterday, much to the delight of the children.

4 responses to “Expecting”

  1. Stacie

    I LOVE springtime! Who took your pregnancy picture? I love it.

  2. Carol Cahill

    So, Jim guessed that the new girls name is Sunflower because the name needed to start with an ‘s’ and you had a sunflower on your tummy.

  3. Sierra DeHaan

    Sierra is a great S name!! ;)

  4. Ruth

    EIGHT kittens!?!?! The largest litter any of our mama cats ever had was 7!

    Great photo of you, Amy! The Scrabble words are a fun idea!

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