Robin Hood

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Our oldest turned 7 today! He is full of imagination and boyhood; he loves weapons and dress up. His current hero is Robin Hood.

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Today we all became the merry men of the forest…or maybe the merry women and their fearless leader.

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We invited a few others to join our band and the festivities commenced!

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First came archery practice – shooting arrows through the hoops.

pic 143 

I made bows out of pvc pipe and string. The arrows were dowel rods tipped with pointed erasers. Simple and very effective

pic 244

The girls opted for a game of bean bag toss. I don’t think the boys even bothered with this game, they were too busy shooting.

pic 254 

Next, Little John (a.k.a. Aunt Katie) led the band through the forest. This gave Friar Tuck (a.k.a. me) time to prepare the woodland feast.

pic 255

Bread and cheese, fruit and chicken nuggets were set out for the crowd.

pic 264

We all dined happily among the green trees (on our back porch).

pic 268

Lance had a target cake with an impromptu arrow made from a tootsie roll and starburst candy.

pic 160

After cake was presents! I had fun wrapping this one. It says: To Lance, my mighty arrow. May you be swift to obey the Lord and always keep a straight and true course, May you always hit the mark and be useful in the Lord’s service.

pic 164

Last activity was a treasure hunt. We had made two sets of clues  – indoor and outdoor – due to rain in the forecast, so we split up the boys and girls and ran both sets. We had the boys running back and forth all over the place! Treasure was found and fun was had by all.

7 responses to “Robin Hood”

  1. Gale Permenter

    Happy birthday, Lance! So glad y’all are doing well. Congrats on the newest upcoming addition to your family. Everyone looks do happy!

  2. Carol Cahill

    Again, fabulous ideas!! I remember when Joshua dressed up as Robin Hood. He and his friend really had fun with this. I still have pictures sitting around with them in their costumes.

  3. anne jones

    Loved it! And love that precious boy!

  4. Lori

    I still think it was an act of God that no one got shot :)

  5. Jack Paslay

    I like that bullseye cake.

  6. Stacie

    You were Friar Tuck!! That is too funny!

  7. Kelsey Martin

    You come up with such neat ideas…hope I can be a mom like you. :) And I cannot believe that it’s been 7 years already!!! Happy Birthday to Lance, and love to your sweet family!

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