Tradition continued

When a birthday rolls around in Brian’s family someone often creates a treasure hunt in order for them to find their presents. Brian had a special present for Lance, so the evening after his party, Brian sat down and made some picture clues to hide around the house.

pic 294

They were everywhere – even in the attic!

pic 295

The treasure was found in the crawlspace under our house!

pic 299

The treasure was a leatherman type tool with “more things than you can imagine” according to Lance.

pic 307

Brian gave a little class on proper knife use and etiquette while Iris sampled the wood shavings.

pic 339

3 days later Brian was back to the drawing board, creating a hunt for Eden’s birthday! Here he helps the girls decipher a drawing. We realized that a ‘bird’s eye view’ drawing of an item is somewhat puzzling to a child under 3 ft.

pic 340

Everyone gets in on the action – even Iris! Picking up on the excitement, she would happily run after everyone and manage to catch up right as they dashed off to the next clue.

pic 346 

Presents were found, though out of their hiding place and partially unwrapped. All denied having done the deed so Iris was made the scapegoat and pardoned on account of not knowing any better. Eden finished unwrapping and delighted in finding a maze book and a craft kit.

Fun times with fun kids!

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  1. Carol Cahill


  2. Jack Paslay

    Hard to believe Iris is big enough to follow the others around…even if she is late.

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