How does your garden grow?

Very well! Thanks to the crew of A&M students that helped us clear the grass, Brian’s hard work in tilling the plot and plenty of rain,  sunshine and 130

This is the view from one end of the garden – mostly tomatoes and 131

This side shows the corn crop which we have just finished harvesting! The metal panels around the edge help control the Bermuda grass – a tenacious weed. Watermelon is growing all among the corn rows.

pics 135

This view is the back side of the garden where our cucumber vines are climbing. On the extreme right edge you can see little okra plants. Something ate the upper leaves on our cucumbers so we tied the dog nearby for several nights and managed to deter our visitor.

pics 127

We have gigantic tomato bushes that are a good foot taller than me!

 pics 136

The Zinnias have put forth probably a hundred blooms – so pretty! It’s nice to have them on hand to cut and take to people that need their day brightened.

pics 143 

The corn harvest was particularly fun. I wish I had a picture of the day they picked 20 cucumbers – they were so excited! It’s almost like a treasure hunt searching among the 133

Even Iris enjoys working in the garden – she sampled most of the vegetation :-)

pics 190

And the best part was the corn shucking party! This was a particular  favorite for the two year olds – they were intensely occupied for at least 20 minutes straight while I canned some pickles!

pics 200

They are so fun and pretty in the jars! Now to process the corn!

And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon, and establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:17

5 responses to “How does your garden grow?”

  1. Lori

    Now if they would be just as excited about eating all this bounty ;)

  2. Rebekah Krause

    What a beautiful family and a beautiful garden! You are such hard workers! =)

  3. Anne

    Boy, Iris looks like baby Amy in that picture!

  4. Carol Cahill

    Wow!!! Love the garden and all the helpers. God has blessed you all tremendously. Rex and Sara need some garden pointers as the plot they built before the baby, all items died. Hmmmm.

    Have you seen the posts of their baby? Tabitha Grace Kyle has arrived and life is definitely very different.

    Continued blessings on your family.

  5. Jack Paslay

    Great garden. Makes me hungry. And lots of good help.

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