Growing and learning!

pics 004

Little Iris is growing fast!

pics 145

She is surrounded by plenty of stimulation – thanks to her four older siblings.

pics 006

About 3 months old, Iris plays with a friend during our co-op.

pics 084

Enjoying a family outing.

pics 047

At five months she was learning to sit….

pics 078

…mastering the skill in time to enjoy the wading pool!

pics 055

A strong baby, she moved quickly towards mobility. She particularly loves to push this around in the garage while the big kids ride bikes all around her.

Iris just turned 6 months and crawling is almost here.

pics 022 

The big kid toys are now fair game…though all that activity makes one tired.

We love this happy baby, full of laughter, smiles and interest in life.

3 responses to “Growing and learning!”

  1. Anne

    *kiss* She’s a sweetie!

  2. Lori

    You need a picture Mom took of Lance pulling Iris behind the tractor.

  3. Stacie

    I cannot believe she is that old already!! What a smily girl!

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