Getaway trip

Brian’s parents offered to watch our oldest four children for a week so we decided to enjoy some time away by ourselves….plus Iris.

pics 037

We went to a friend’s lake house for two nights.  Iris saw the menu and decided to forage a bit while we unloaded the car.

pics 043

We ate dinner outside and I found the biggest “hopper” I’ve ever seen! This definitely takes foraging to a new level. We decided to take it home to show the kids.

pics 049

We took a nice evening boat ride around the lake. A trolling motor is a fantastic addition to a paddle boat – quieter and much faster.

pics 050

Iris quickly got tired of the constraints of a life jacket and forgot to enjoy the sunset.

pics 056

Back on the dock it took a while for us to come back into her good graces. We played backgammon while she recovered herself.

pics 041

That evening Iris surprised us with her new ability – pulling up to a stand! She is so proud of herself.

pics 060

After an early morning swim in the lake we had a good breakfast and took off on a 10 mile bike ride.

pics 079

Brian liked the name of this realty company.

pics 063

After another nice swim we were hungry! I whipped up some grub, we ate and then everyone took a nap.

pics 067

Played Upwords (I won) while we ate supper. Iris enjoyed score keeping for a while then wanted a new challenge.

pics 068

We had enjoyed some watermelon with our dinner so I put her in the ice chest to contain the mess and let her chomp away.

Brian put her in the sink for cleanup. She was one happy baby!

pics 078

We had popcorn and watched a movie that evening while Iris played and climbed all over us and the couch.

pics 039

Our final morning we enjoyed another early swim, breakfast and a shorted bike ride. Then we cleaned the cabin before leaving. Brian got to try out a water vacuum and did a good job tidying the place up.  We had a nice relaxing time of no schedule and minimal responsibility. Great to just be together and play for a bit. Thank you so much to my in-laws for the childcare and Katie for the animal care!


5 responses to “Getaway trip”

  1. Jack Paslay

    Liked Iris’s fingerwaving and your svelt figure after five babies.

  2. Anne

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Rebekah Krause

    wow, what a great idea having the Iris eat the watermelon in the ice chest! =) Love seeing the pictures of your family. =)

  4. Lori

    Good thing Iris was there to help you document your trip :)

  5. Carol Cahill

    Nice getaway. I remember doing things like that and loved the cabins.

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