A cardboard box

What’s in a cardboard box? A lot of fun! I felt creative so I decided to do something fun with the kids.

 IMG_2904  IMG_2911

I read an idea about making a target out of a box so I set about to construct one with the kids help. Feeling brave I decided to let them paint their new toy.


You can throw the bean bags to hit the target, they fall into a little compartment behind which has a nifty little door to open and retrieve the balls (That last part was added by me for Lance’s benefit because I knew he’d get a kick out of opening the little door).

Well, I watch the kids downstairs a few times a week and when they saw this they wanted to paint too. So next time they came over……


We transformed the box that formerly held all the packing peanuts into a Batmobile! It kept the kids occupied for a solid two hours! Of course, I was occupied as well watching that paint didn’t get on the floor. (note, there is plastic down under the car but it only reaches so far).


Lance demonstrates the hatch. If I was a guy I might know the official name for that.


Here’s a side view – this car is complete with wings on the back, designer wheels on front and fire coming out the tail pipe! Can you tell a boy helped me design the car?


When it was all over, the kids needed a bath, the living room needed a cleaning and mommy needed a rest! What a fun day!

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