Lance has his say

Lance is starting to talk more and more, giving us a glimpse into his mind.

Lance noticed the “winnie the pooh” characters on his potty seat and started naming them off: “pig, donkey, bear, tiger”. Guess he hasn’t ever seen the show :-)

Today he made his stuffed frog go potty and then tried to feed it the m&m reward.

He likes his “crab shirt” and will pinch his own tummy when he wears it.

When we go to check the mail he makes sure Ivy doesn’t get lost if she starts to wander. He’ll call “Ivy, ‘mere” or tell her “dis way, Ivy”

He always reminds us to pray at meals and has started taking on that responsibility himself.

At 2:00 this afternoon he asked to “eat”. I told him no, we had just had lunch. He hopefully asked “snack”?

His chore is to set the table and he’ll tell each piece of silverware who it belongs to as he puts them in the right place (mommy ‘pork’ (fork) , daddy knife, Lance spoon)

He loves to point out colors and the color of his cup determines his drink (Lance blue milk, Ivy orange milk)

We’ve also taught him a few fun phrases.

It’s fun having a parrot in the house :-)

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