Going Bonkers!

Our normal morning routine was interrupted by an invitation to an adventure with our friends. Never one to miss out on some fun, of course we went along!


“Going Bonkers” is a huge play gym made especially for working off excess energy. (note: this is only half of the play structure)


We started in the toddler area while Lance got accustomed to the webbing. Lance had fun and Ivy was never far behind!


I was amazed that Ivy could crawl along without getting her hands caught in the holes – she is one tough little girl! Pretty soon Mommy got bored of the small area and decided to “help” Lance play on the rest of the equipment.


Friends watched Ivy and treated her to the teapot ride which she loved.

IMG_1365    IMG_1358

Meanwhile, Lance and I climbed mountains, crossed narrow bridges….


…and scaled the heights.


All in conquest of the slides! They were fast and long – very fun. Lance and I even went down on our bellies like superman!

Everybody pretty much wore out after 2 hours and we all headed home for naps. What a fun outing!!

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