Biking adventure

Saturday morning we decided to go on a bike ride. I wanted to go somewhere different and Brian had seen some new “river walk” development from his window at work so that’s where we headed. The morning was beautiful, the kids excited and we were ready for some adventure!

We biked the 4 miles to work then headed off in search of the new area Brian had seen. There was a bunch of construction in the area because the land is still being developed, so in order to get where we wanted to go we took a little short cut. Unfortunately, it had rained the night before.


Brian went first and his tires got so caked with mud that he couldn’t even move the bike. I decided to look around for a different way.

IMG_1382 IMG_1383

We made a pit stop while Brian scrapped his tires clean, Lance checked out the bulldozer and Ivy checked out the snacks.

Getting things clean, we proceeded to our intended destination – a portion of lake edged with a sidewalk.


Along the way we discovered a playground which necessitated another break.

IMG_1393   IMG_1395

We resumed our ride and finished getting around the lake. Then we had to get back without taking the same trip through the mud.


After several attempts we finally crossed a grassy field only to find a 30 yard strip of mud still cut us off from our desired destination. Not wanting to retrace our steps we forged ahead. The mud was so nasty that we couldn’t push our bikes ten feet before they were inoperable so we ended up carrying them, kids and all, the rest of the distance. My shoes picked up mud with each step until they became so heavy I could hardly walk and carry the bike. Brian came to my rescue :-)

Scrapping off what we could, we retraced our 4 mile trip back home. Brian started riding through every puddle he saw and I soon followed his example. After half a dozen puddles we were splattered with muddy water and grinning like little kids. We finally made it home, wet, tired and hungry. Brain washed the bikes and shoes while I prepared lunch. We all got showers and then Brian and I watched a movie while the kids napped. What a fun day!

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