Happy Valentines!


Some guys manage to pull off a picture perfect bit of romance on days like today….

Last night Brian set his alarm to go off an hour earlier than we were supposed to get up this morning. He was going to sneak out and make Amy breakfast in bed – such a romantic guy.


…and sometimes events conspire against them.

However, Amy had similar plans and prayed that God would wake her up an hour early so she could make Brian breakfast in bed. Accordingly, Lance cried out an hour and a half early, waking both parents up before he drifted back to sleep. Amy lay still till she thought Brian had fallen back asleep then slipped out of bed to commence her plans. Still waiting on his alarm, Brian was dismayed that Amy was out and about and got up to confront his wife. “How  can I make you breakfast in bed if you’re already up?” he inquired despairingly. “But that’s what I was going to do!” Amy protested. After a good laugh they commenced to make breakfast together.


….And off they went, hand in hand, more in love than ever.

4 responses to “Happy Valentines!”

  1. Brittany

    How sweet. :)

    And I love the Lance and Ivy pictures! They are so adorable together. :D

  2. Hope

    Awww! How funny and sweet! and precious pictures of precious kids, too!

  3. Ben

    aww, Smaj is a great guy!

  4. Sarah

    Awwww! That’s STILL very sweet! Minds in love think alike :)

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