Two’s company…

Three’s a crowd!

And that’s just what we had this past weekend. 1 year old Hudson decided to spend a few days with us so his parents could have a get-away. Life with three sure was entertaining – not too difficult unless they all wanted to do something at the same time like wake up or eat.


Our baby gate came in handy when I decided to give Brian a haircut. Reactions to this cut off from the action was varied – Ivy putting up the biggest protest.


Fortunately we had enough stroller space for everyone. We went to see our friend who was moving. They needed some help so Brian lent his muscles while I ran herd on the kids for the evening.


Best way to keep little ones occupied – bath time!!! It was the most animated I saw Hudson during his entire visit.

IMG_0766  IMG_0777

Here are some expressions I caught in the tub – Hudson gives a melt your heart smile and Ivy screws up in protest over some injustice


When the water gets cold and we aren’t having fun anymore it’s time for bed – notice how tired Lance seems to be :-)

We had a great time and I think the kids did too. Ivy loved crawling around after Hudson and Lance enjoyed playing with the new kid’s toys.

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