Ft. Worth Fun

My brother and his girl came a-vistin’…


Aren’t they cute?


My mom came along too – any excuse to see the grandkids :-)


We took them to experience Texas in it’s truest sense…the Ft. Worth cattle drive (a bunch of Longhorn steers that walk tamely down the street).


Lance showed us how to “ride ‘em cowboy”.


For lunch we ate buffalo burgers – after all, that’s a true Texas experience…or maybe it was the blue bell ice cream afterwards.


There was a neat waterfall in the conservatory at the Ft. Worth botanical gardens. Unfortunately it caused Lance to have an accident.


Brian (the brother) took this neat shot when the misters came on. Walking around in that place was almost creepy – when the leaves are bigger than you, it feels like you might meet a “larger than life lizard”
around the next bend. Fortunately we all made it out alive. We then caught two lizards that tried to run inside and Alicia got to experience holding one for the first time in her life.

Thanks for coming to see us bro!

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