Dallas Zoo

Yesterday was 1 dollar admission day at the Dallas Zoo so Ivy, Lance and I plus two neighbor boys decided to take a little field trip. The older boy was so excited that he woke up several times that morning starting at 3:30am afraid that he’d over slept.

IMG_9859   IMG_9877

Meet Tyze (12) and Kel (6) two of the nicest guys I know (besides my guys of course). These two were the biggest help and the most fun to have around. They are incredibly responsible and didn’t fight or act up – which is more than I can say for some outings I took as a kid…..


The crew hatching up some trouble in the children’s play area – they both love the “babies” and will do anything with them. (I think Ivy look like  Dr. Suess character in that hat)


Tyze took Lance through the underground tunnels. Lance was scared at first so Tyze held Ivy while I took Lance. He also watched Ivy and the stroller on the multiple occasions that I had to take Lance to the bathroom.


Kel and the giraffe – I think he would measure up to the giraffe’s knee.


Lance checks out the albino alligator in the reptile house. The boys loved the snakes and were especially desirous to tell their mom about them because she hates snakes.

IMG_9885  IMG_9878

Kel loved to have his picture taken – what a natural.


For a special treat the guys rode the carousel and then the Lord provided another treat on the way out. A promo booth for 7-11 was handing out coupons for free hot dogs and slurpees so we made a stop on the way home.

Kids are such a nice excuse to go and have fun.

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