After avoiding our morning run two days in a row on the excuse that it was cold out, I suggested that we get Brian to work early on Wed. and he come home early for an afternoon run when it was warmer. Brian thought this was a good idea and commented that if he left that early he wouldn’t have to take the kids to the potty or do anything with them.

Wed morning 4:45 am: Ivy starts crying

4:55: Brian puts a warmer blanket on her to see if she’ll go back to sleep

5:10: We give up trying to sleep and get Ivy

5:15: Lance wakes up too

5:30: we decide to bundle everyone up and go running anyhow


Getting back, Daddy takes care of Ivy while Mommy makes breakfast


Lance helps


Daddy takes Lance potty while Mommy pumps milk for Ivy


Daddy feeds Ivy while Mommy finishes breakfast and packs a lunch for Daddy

8:00 am Daddy leaves for work and Mommy puts the kids back to bed – at the time they should have just been waking up. So much for an early morning and no child care for Daddy. At least when the kids decide to be quirky Mommy and Daddy can double team them and still win!

Thanks Brian for all your help!

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