Mr. Fix-it

This post is written while I am in total awe of my smart, incredibly talented and resourceful husband. Starting the evening that Ivy was born, my camera has been mal-functioning, –  such bad timing too, right when I have a new photography subject!  It totally refused to recover after acting up at our midwife appointment and I figured we’d have to send it off for several weeks to have it repaired….or condemned. Brian had other ideas however…..


Brian figured if it was already broken, it wouldn’t hurt to take it apart and attempt a repair


The first major task was just getting the cover off. Next he found the little gears that moved the lens in and out ( the crux of the malfunction).

Sorry this picture is blurry – with my camera down I had to resort to Brian’s phone camera :-)


After playing with the gears and little motor for quite some time, he discovered by trial and error that the motor needed a little pressure on top and everything worked beautifully. He cut a little piece out of a jar gripper (the black circle in the picture) to act like a rubber washer and carefully reassembled the camera. All now works well and I can resume my picture taking/blogging.

So those of you who enjoy the pictures on this blog – say thanks to Brian!

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