Progress report

We had our two week check up at the midwife on Wed.

Ivy weighs 9 pounds – up a pound from her birth weight!

Lance has gained half a pound – bulking up so his sister doesn’t catch him

I’ve lost 20 pounds – I guess it’s going straight to Ivy

Lance is becoming a big boy by doing nights and naps without his pacifier now. He has taken up with a blankie though.

Ivy is sleeping five hours at night and occasionally hitting a 7-8 hour stint!

I’m walking a little bit again and itching for the go ahead to run.

Lance and I have been doing the summer reading program at the library and hope to collect our free book next week.

He often takes advantage of Ivy’s eating time to get in a quick story. But if mommy is busy then he’s taken to reading the books himself.

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