Brownie Flambe!

Living with Amy, you never know what will happen next!

Brian often says that I’m his lifetime source of entertainment so yesterday I put on quite a cooking show just for his amusement. ;-)

I was making some brownies for our “Dave Ramsey” class at church. After baking the brownies I topped them with marshmallows turned the oven on broil and stuck the pan back in the oven to toast them. I was multitasking and on another project when I thought I’d better check them.

As soon as I got close to the kitchen I knew I had a problem on my hands. I fought through a smoky haze and jerked open the oven to find a blackened heap that suddenly burst into flames!

What should I do? How do you grab a flaming pan out of the oven? I tried to blow it out, then shut the door to smother it but as soon as it opened the flames started again. I didn’t know what to do….I panicked….I did the only thing I could think of…..

BRIAN!!!! HELP!!!!

Together we pulled the flaming brownies out of the oven and into the sink, turned on the water and successfully put out the fire.

Meanwhile the fire alarm started screaming out my mistake which in turn set Lance off.

Brian grabbed the alarm off the wall, said a few words to calm Lance and returned to the kitchen to survey the damage. He also decided to get pictures of everything so I could post about the event (how sweet of him).

Haste makes waste as I found, but resourcefulness can salvage a disaster. I peeled the burnt marshmallow topping off, squeezed the excess water out of the brownies and returned them to the oven to dry out a bit. Re-topping them with marshmallows and some chocolate icing and aside from the brownies being slightly soggy (making it more like mississippi mud cake) we had something edible again.

And yes, we served them to our class…it’s not burnt, it’s flambe!

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