Two weddings and a recital

The end of May is a busy time – school lets out, recitals are performed and graduations are held. My brother graduated from college on Saturday at the grand age of 19 – I’m so proud of him! Hopefully he’ll put up some pictures when he gets home.

My brother-in-law, Daniel, graduated from high school the same day and we had the pleasure of attending his senior recital. We were treated to a “feast” of music, all performed with incredible skill and a masterful flair.

At the piano we heard Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Dohnanyi

On the violin there was some more Bach, Mozart with a Cadenza composed by Daniel, and a fun one by Saint-Saens. The encore was my favorite though.

Later that afternoon my sister-in-law, Rachel, was married to Nathan Bryant. Benj. was the photographer of the event and caught some wonderful photos:

Beautiful bride

Eager groom

Sisters – Kim, Amy and Rachel

Four generations of Cahill men R-L: Lance, Brian, Jeff, Dick

Coming home on Sunday, I met up with Bekah, repacked my bags and headed out for west Texas to attend the wedding of a good friend on Monday. Tara, Bekah and I worked many summers together at STEP and it was a pleasure to help her celebrate such a special day.

Bernhard Reimer and Tara Klassen – now man and wife. I also thought the cake was really pretty – Tara and her mother-in-law made it.

It was interesting to meet Tara’s man because he reminded me of Sam (Bekah’s husband) and Brian. Funny how three blonde, people oriented, talkative, enthusiastic girls would marry men that shared similar qualities. God really knows what we need. Tara and Bernhard were really cute together and their love for each other made us miss our men, so after we had seen them off we hurried home to our husbands who had missed us too. The Lord sure made a wonderful thing when he created two opposites to complement and assist each other in fulfilling God’s purpose. So what God has joined together, let no man put assunder.

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  1. Lori

    I’m glad I can access pictures from here. Everyone else just has blank squares.

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