This week I’ve been working the VBS at our church. I’m a station leader in the 4&5 year old room.

The first day I led an activity with fish and water (fun!) The fish had the daily verse written on them and the kids had to use straws to blow them in order. That took all of five minutes so the rest of the time I held fish races!

One problem I didn’t think of: With all that blowing, spit was bound to drip down the straws…and straws are also good for getting a little drink out of the pan….GROSS! I finally struck on a good idea by telling the kids that they were poison fish (so they wouldn’t touch them) and that poison fish made poison water (which also means you shouldn’t suck up water and spray your neighbor). Fortunately kids have enough imagination to avoid poison water!

Today I brought nature items to dye cloth – sunflower petals, grass and strawberries – which the kids arranged and then squished with a rolling pin. This was a big hit with the guys – messy!

This little girl has precious moments eyes…and this guy missed his mommy so he ended up “helping” me prepare the crafts instead of going to activities which kept his mind off of home. We had a great time playing tic-tac-toe too.

Of course, despite our preparations and efforts, the favorite attraction was the sandbox. One little girl, when asked by her mother what she learned that day, replied “sand!”

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