Lance Jeffrey Cahill


March 20 – 11:15 pm

6 lbs 2 oz – 19 1/2” long

Labor and birth went well and on entering the world, Lance was caught by his beaming dad. He had a little trouble clearing his lungs so he ended up going to the hospital for a little help. Things are looking good and he should be home soon. Amy’s parents came up to stay with her while Brian went with his son to the hospital. The next morning, after getting some rest and food in her, Amy came up to visit little Lance and just take time admiring her new son.


Both parents think he’s the cutest little thing! “Papa” and “Grammy” got to admire the new grandson as well as Brian’s Aunt and Uncle who have a daughter that works at the hospital.

2 responses to “Introducing”

  1. Brandy Minter

    So glad to hear little one is here and delivery went well.
    Reuben spent his first several days in the NICU and so…even though you didn’t specifically mention it, I know that being separated like that right at first is really hard. I’ll be praying he’s released very quickly and you’re able to pick up bonding and nursing without a hitch. :)
    Love & Prayers-
    Brandy (& Jeremy)

  2. Emma

    He’s is very cute! Congratulations on the new baby!

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