Thanks so much for the prayers and encouraging comments on the last post! God has moved in several ways to boost my spirits since then.

First off, my dad and brothers were able to shift flights on their way home from Haiti and ended up making their overnight lay-over in Dallas instead of Florida so we were able to pick them up and enjoy them for the evening! We got to hear all the stories and see pictures and taste a few new foods. So the evening passed quickly and in good company.

Then today I spent some serious time with God and my Bible and came up with the thought that I should smile with each contraction and praise God for them instead of fighting against the pain, because each one was bringing the baby closer.

This evening, we had our midwife appointment and guess what – Brian and I weighed exactly the same amount!!!! We wished we had brought the camera to document the momentous occasion. The midwife also gave an encouraging report that all the contractions I had been having had made some progress, the baby had “dropped” and my iron was up into the good range!

Wow, so much good stuff all at once – Brian and I were really pumped and praised God. We then went and walked around the mall (the weather is too nasty to walk outside) and I’m taking some herb stuff that will either slow the contractions and let me sleep or finish me off into real labor.  I think Brian is getting the nesting syndrome though – he just washed the car, cleaned up the bathroom and vacuumed!

One response to “Encouragement”

  1. Rachel

    I’m so glad everything is going well!!! I can see Brian cleaning…he likes doing that!!

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