Froggie flips!

After a meeting with the midwives last night to discuss our options, we met with another midwife this morning to try another technique to make this baby turn! After assisting in over 2500 births, this midwife has acquired certain skills, one of which is external manipulation on the baby in an effort to turn it around. After a little coaxing, the baby turned around! We were all elated and praised God for working on our behalf.

In other news….

At my appointment last night, it finally happened – my weight caught up with Brian’s!! After several weeks of little to no gain, Brian felt he had to get sick and help my chances. Well, it paid off, because I now weigh out at 155 – putting me just inside the range of normal pregnancy weight gain of 20-25 pounds.

After washing our car in the warm rain, the next day brought snow! Ahhhh, Texas. Yet, after last nights little cold spell, today is bright and sun-shiney with the temperature climbing back up to the comfortable level.

And for your enjoyment:


Due to all the excitement of being right side up, Tadpole had it’s picture taken again last night – quite a bit bigger than last time! If you can’t see a baby, that’s okay, it took me a while last night to see it too. Hopefully you can see a green profile and a green hand sticking up – maybe sucking it’s thumb :-)

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