My family has been here this week, hoping to entertain me while I wait for Tadpole’s appearance. Some of our
activities have been documented on Lori’s site. I have taken up the camera to record yesterday’s trip to the zoo.

It was a perfect day to visit the zoo, the weather was cool enough so the animals really put on a show for the
visitors. My favorite was watching a young orangutan play with it’s “blankie”.
It started with peek-a-boo in the corner, but none of the others would pay any attention. It easily mastered the
climbing structure without losing the blankie and seemed very satisfied with it’s accomplishment.The other
orangutan’s still largely igonred the youngster.

Adopting a new tactic, the little one tried adopted a stealth maneuver – slowly sneaking up on the big daddy,
and then stood upright, holding the blanket up behind him like a ghost!

The scare tactic didn’t work.

That by far was the most interesting of the animal antics that day, but I was able
to capture many other good photos as we walked among the zoo-life.


Black Rhino



Brian and Amy

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