Turning baby

I got a new toy yesterday – an MP3 player!


It’s my new mommy gift from Brian. Not that I’m ‘officially’ a new mommy, but I’m having to do some things to help me come into my role a little easier. The baby still has not turned around so Brian figured if it was a good idea to play music to the baby, then we might as well get something portable so I can do it more often (previously I had to hook up to my laptop). I also have to lie on my back with my hips propped up, 3 times a day for 20 min. Another trick is to put an ice pack on my tummy on the idea that the baby might move away from the cold.


Here I am doing all three things at once – plus reading a book to help the time pass :-) I’ve also been to a chiropractor to have some adjustment done called the Webster technique that is specifically used to turn a breach baby. This of course is combined with much prayer because the only way that baby will turn is if God has a hand in it – all that I do is nothing, it’s in His control.

Prayers along this line would be appreciated because it might mess up our chances of a home birth. Further details along that line will be discussed at my appointment this Thursday if the baby hasn’t turned by then.

In other news….there was a rainstorm this evening and our car was really dirty. So during a lull, Brian and I raced outside in swimsuits with a bucket of soapy water and scrubbed the car down. Life sure is fun when you can do wacko stuff.

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