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Hi there! Been a while since posting – I had trouble with photo uploads, but that has now been fixed, thanks to my brother-in-law. Hopefully that means I can blog a little more often.

Anyhow, new things are happening here, as always, and one of those things is a homeschool co-op. I’ve hosted a co-op in my home in the past, but the last few years I farmed our family efforts out to other locations. With that experience under my belt, and at the hopeful request of a few friends, I once again find myself spear-heading a group of learners!

PACE stands for our core values of:

Peers – because it takes a village, right?

Accountability – so often we moms have good intentions, but the day slips away and those intentions didn’t happen.

Commitment – If you’re in, you’re in.

Engage – This is not a lecture and take notes class, we get our hands dirty and delight in the process.

A unique aspect of this co-op is the non-traditional schedule. I’m of the opinion that the school year was designed for the northern states – where summer might actually be the best time to enjoy the weather. But this is Texas – it’s hot y’all. No one wants to go outside except to swim. So we’re putting those inside days to good use with the intention of taking our breaks when we actually want to go outside. With that thoughts, we are already in full swing for our summer session. We have a cooking class and a math games class, preschool and history.

My part is teaching history and we’re doing Ancient civilizations, starting with Egypt.


Mummy wrapping and sarcophagus


More mummy wrapping!


Canopic jars


Making papyrus


Guest visit from an Egyptian woman who told us about her country and wrote our names in Arabic


Reed boats


Learning hieroglyphics

Our pre-school enjoyed Egyptian themed projects as well:

Dress like an Egyptian

Making Papyrus

Learning about the Nile

When classes are over we have free time. Currently that mostly centers around water play while the moms supervise and visit

So there you have it – the beginning of our adventures in learning!!



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