Family Vacation!

In May we took a family trip to Corpus Christi as the culmination of our school studies in ocean science and explorers that sailed the high seas.

First stop was the USS Lexington – a WWII aircraft carrier.

We tried out life aboard a ship – suddenly their rooms at home seemed a lot bigger!

On deck we admired several planes and tried out a cockpit or two.

Garrison preferred the captain’s chair!

Later that evening we walked around the Marina, admiring the fishing boats. We also looked at a replica of the Columbus ship “Pinta.”

Amazingly, the owner was there along with a diver who was attempting to patch a leak in the bottom of the ship. We got quite the informative talk!

Because my grandparents lived near Corpus I knew of a special beach that held many memories from my childhood visits.

We called it “The Mountain Beach.” The clay mountains are still there to play on, though they have eroded a bit since I was young.

We gathered driftwood and built a fort – another childhood memory.

This was the first time at a beach for half my children! A small inlet where sea grass broke the surf and provided a gentle first experience with waves and salt water.

Good thing I brought a change of clothes!

A good time was had by all!

Next post – the Gulf!

3 responses to “Family Vacation!”

  1. Jack Paslay

    It’s fun to see the great grandkids enjoying the same things as our Kids and grandkids did. And isn’t that the ‘Nina”? I thought they used the “Pinta” wood to patch it up with.

  2. Stacie Graber

    I can’t wait to take my kids there too. So fun to share those memories and make new ones.

  3. Carol D Cahill

    Brings back memories of things we did with our kids. Your kids looked like they really enjoyed themselves. They are growing up so fast.

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