Summer is usually spent seeking water sources to cool off!

Sometimes it’s the creek with cousins…

Other times a puddle in the neighbors driveway.

However, the biggest source this summer has been my parents new pool!

This has made for a wonderful time to get wiggles out when hot summer days mostly chase us indoors.

Daddy fun day has taken on new dimensions as well :-)

With the constant practice, our oldest five are now strong swimmers.

But coming up in the ranks are two new swimmers!

Skye is thrilled with her new skill and hopes she it tall enough next year to touch the bottom so she won’t have to wear floats anymore.

The big surprise though is my two year old who pretty much taught himself to swim! He kept purposefully putting his face in the water and kicking around in his float. Then when we decided to practice some drown-proofing he surprised us by leaping right in and mastering each skill with ease. He seems to get a thrill out of the whole thing.

I can tell you, when I took this group to the public pool by myself I was much more at ease and really only had to watch Ryder.

The weather forecast shows another week or two of warm weather so we’ll be making the most of our last chances to swim!

2 responses to “Swimming”

  1. Jack Paslay

    Just great. As I have said before, their great-grandmother would have been so happy seeing them all learning how to swim. She placed so much importance on it.

  2. Carol D Cahill

    I’m impressed with their swimming ability.

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