Christmas party!

pics 006

Iris turns one with Christmas cookies for her cake…

pics 001

and caroling for her party!

pics 009

Many onlookers help her unwrap her gifts.

pics 012

Cousin Heidi, friend Evelyn and the birthday girl.

pics 563

Iris is a bookaholic just like her big siblings. pics 046

She loves to be outside and eats sticks and dirt.


She always makes the cutest crinkle nose grin.

pics 444

She’s learning to help around the 492

And she’s learning to mix and stir in the sandbox.

Tall enough to enjoy the piano.

Enjoys a ‘game’ with Ivy – don’t you love baby laughs?

This little one has changed much in the last year – kind of hard to think back to that helpless newborn when I watch her run around with the big kids.  I’m glad to watch the development day by day, the growing and learning, the little things that tickle her humor. One of the perks of motherhood is getting to know these little people like no one else!

Happy birthday little cutie!

4 responses to “Christmas party!”

  1. Stacie

    What a cutie! “Tall enough to enjoy the piano.” – just barely.

  2. anne jones

    She’s a real sweetie!

  3. Jack Paslay

    Funny how they laugh over and over at the same thing repeated.

  4. Carol Cahill

    One day, we’ll get to know her. I miss seeing your family.

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