A special Thanks

Today I am particularly grateful for the quick arrival of a tiny bundle of joy fours years ago. Flora has blessed our life with a constant reminder to observe and enjoy all things beautiful.  pics 318

Two weeks ago we celebrated her life along with her birthday buddy and cousin, Jenny. Being so close to Thanksgiving we planned an Indian birthday party. My Mom, two sisters and I had a fun time preparing a playscape for the party!

pics 355

We made a wigwam using a dogloo, mom painted the backdrops and Katie found props.

pics 364 

I made a Pueblo house from large boxes.

pics 380

Lori crafted a canoe with a shower curtain for water.

pics 389

And teepees we made from feed sacks and easels.

pics 417

Brian started off the party reading Pocahontas to the guests.

pics 419

Then we made feathered headbands.

pics 424

Katie assisted in bead bracelets – kindly supplying the supplies and patience to help a bunch of preschoolers string small beads.

pics 428

We ate indian food – fry bread, popcorn, jerky and dried fruit. Do you like Lance’s war paint? He didn’t want to take a shower that night and risk it washing off!

pics 438 

We decorated ice cream cone teepees

pics 431

And of course, enjoyed some cake! Jenny wanted to wear her princess dress instead of her indian costume. One of Flora’s gifts was a princess dress and she has worn it almost every day since then. Maybe next year we’ll just do a princess theme again :-)

We sure love and enjoy these two girls – so opposite in personalities and natures, but such good friends. Today, when I told Flora it was her “real” birthday she exclaimed “Oh, now I can invite who I want to my party!” She thought a minute and then picked Jenny. I’m glad these two girls can share the bond of friendship as well as family.

5 responses to “A special Thanks”

  1. love love it, brings back memories Love Barbara Noe

    what a beautiful set of gifts from God. You and your entire family are so blessed. Enjoy each day. again and again with memories and pictures. love Mimi Barbara oe

  2. Stacie

    Happy Birthday, Flora! (And Jenny :)

  3. Lori

    I’m glad Jenny made the short list.

  4. Jack Paslay

    Two sweet and beautiful little girls…happy birthday.

  5. anne jones

    Agree with Grandpa!!

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