Week off

We are trying a school schedule of 6 weeks on and then one week off. The week off is to have time for some fun projects and refresh our brains so they are ready to tackle learning again.

pics 072

By the end of six weeks we were working on short vowel blends, using magnetic letters to make words.

The timing of this week coincided with the arrival of our bulk apple order so we spent one of our days making applesauce!

pics 083

Doesn’t this look like a helpful bunch? Eden washed, mom chopped, Flora put apples in the pot and Iris sampled.

pics 097

Lance and Ivy were a huge help.  They could chop, grind, feed the baby, entertain the little girls and spread work ethic among the ranks.

pics 103

Enjoying some fresh apple juice!

pics 105

These three believe you shouldn’t “muzzle the ox that treads the corn” so they enjoyed apples all throughout the day.

pics 102

My whole team was super and we finished in time to make Daddy a special birthday dinner and cards. Then we celebrated by watching a movie…because mommy was tired.

Today we hosted a tea party – the girls activity request for the week. Things were a bit crazy the day before so Aunt Katie helped with the prep and then Grammy swung by to help with clean up….that’s how we manage to do such fun stuff all the time.

pics 106

We invited two families with lots of girls to make things more fun. They happened to have super moms who helped me set things out and clean up too.

pics 110

Eden thinks this a wonderful party.

pics 108

Princess Flora indulges in some chocolate…so good for the feminine soul.

pics 112

Ivy enjoyed the social element as well as the smorgasbord for sampling.

pics 116

During the tea, Lance kept the male guests entertained making bows and arrows (his request for the week). When the tea was finished the boys amused themselves by “hunting” the girls and capturing them in the dog kennel.

5 responses to “Week off”

  1. Lori

    I like Flora’s canning bracelets :)

  2. anne jones

    Beautiful table for such sweet and beautiful girls. Amusing ending.

  3. Jack Paslay

    Seems like there’s always a party going on at the Cahills.

  4. Barbara Noe

    I love the pictures that you take. God has gifted you with a wonderful family. I am blessed when I read your blog. love Barbara Noe

  5. Stacie

    Thank you again for taking time to post. I am so glad that even with such a busy family, you keep us updated. Love the ending as well – had to show Joseph.

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