Changes in the house

As our major house project (working under the house) of the year draws to a close, we’ve managed to do a few little improvements in the living areas.

pics 171

First, Brian’s grandma came and painted a large tree on a wall. My plan is to hang family pictures on it…..sometime when I have time.

pics 169

Gampy helped by keeping the kids occupied while the artist was at work. We enjoyed the several day visit and our kids must have a lively influence because Gammy and Gampy seemed to get younger the longer they were here – nimbly making their way through the obstacle course of toys, dropping their nap, playing in the kid pool and enjoying french fries and milkshakes with the crew.

pics 058

Our next addition was a couch Brian found on Craigslist that perfectly fit what we needed.  It’s big, in pieces so it can be arranged any way we need it, and has a lot of wood showing which is something I wanted.

pics 046

We cleaned each piece as it came in – just in case. It came from an older lady who didn’t have kids or pets, so they were in pretty good shape. Eden checks for potential repairs to be 051

Flora checks the book reading capabilities of the couch.

pics 060

It does so much for our living room! Looking forward to many family reading/talking times on the couch!

7 responses to “Changes in the house”

  1. Cammie

    I love painting! The couch is awesome!

  2. Jack Paslay

    The couch is larger than I imagined. Don’t know how you got all of it in that small (?) trailer. Like the tree and your idea of hanging pictures on it. Enjoyed your visit.

  3. anne jones

    I like the couch, too. It’s just what you needed.

  4. Benjamin Cahill

    Wow, the wall painting and couch both look amazing! I look forward to seeing them in person as well as the wonderful family who will enjoy them for years to come. :-)

  5. Stacie

    Love it, Amy! Your home is looking more friendly and happy each day.

  6. Lori

    Glad you have a couch now!

  7. Carol Cahill

    Excited for you about the couch and the painting is fabulous. Gammy did a great job. I’m glad they did well at your home.

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