Days of our lives

How the kids entertained themselves while I did bookwork this afternoon. .

pics 402

I was wondering why they were so good and quiet. Apparently the floor was poison

 pics 401

  pics 400

pics 398

Visiting with friends in the Dallas area – haven’t seen them in two years!

pics 385

Assisting Brian and Alicia as they move (the reason we were in Dallas).

pics 386

Alicia directs traffic while taking her mandatory “rest” so the twins will stay put inside of her.

pics 240 

Baby girl with her teddy bear – so sweet and cuddly!


Helping with the dishes!


Iris refuses to be spoon fed by me. Once I happened to lay the spoon on her tray, she picked it up and fed herself with gusto. This suits me fine since I have other mouths to attend to including my own.


Artists at work – they sure can crank out a lot of artwork in one afternoon!

The girls have been really into princesses and wearing beautiful dresses so I thought I would capitalize on this interest.

pics 241

We all dressed up in our fancy dresses and swept the floor – just like Cinderella! Enthusiasm was so high they stuck with me through all of the sweeping…

 pics 244

and half of the mopping!

pics 229

Unfortunately, the princess theme went a little too far when Flora wanted to be Rapunzel and asked Ivy to cut her hair.


Meanwhile Lance practices to be Robin Hood. He told Brian he is going to be an archer when he grows up.


Lance is also quite the practical joker – he was immensely tickled with this toy. I had so much fun listen to him appreciate the humor in a shooting ice cream cone.

pics 001

Daddy and Eden mowing the grass. Eden loves to just “be there” when we are working. She’s a great little helper and companion. Thanks to cousin Greg for the use of the lawnmower.

Until next time…

3 responses to “Days of our lives”

  1. Jack Paslay

    Bet they’ll all miss Greg. I like the popping ice cream cone…haven’t quite figured it out yet.

  2. Lori

    Does any of the food make it into Iris’ mouth?

  3. Stacie

    I LOVE the picture of the “artists” It is artistically shot itself.

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