Baby Chicks!

Back in November we tried to hatch some Barred Rock chickens for Flora’s birthday. She loves zebras and these chickens are black and white striped. Having never worked an incubator before, I made some mistakes and our hatch rate was very low – 3 out of 3 dozen; none of which were the striped kind.

 pics 408

It did result in three very tame chickens, one of which is Eden’s special pet. Even after they made their home in the barn, Eden still catches and carries around her favorite chick, running after it and crying “chickie” if it gets away.

pics 064

We decided to give it another try while we still had the incubator. The first few hatched out during the night and I had the fun of waking the kids with the news.

pics 069

Almost as good as Christmas morning!pics 231

Over the next two days more and more hatched until we had 22!

pics 152

We kept them in the bathtub where they could run just out of reach of the smaller hands. Even still we lost “Tiny Tim” to over zealous handling.

pics 164

Everybody loves to hold the chickies…

pics 175 

Even Iris!

As soon as they had enough feathers to stay warm and before they became too stinky, we moved them out to the barn. They did great in their secondary pen until the last cool night before I let them out with the rest of the flock.

pics 045

One little chick that looked like this…

pics 054

…was reduced to this. We dubbed the chick “buzzard.”

For the most part they have adapted well to the flock. Each night Brian or I make sure all are back in the pen and counted. One evening 6 were missing. We looked and looked but couldn’t find them. The next morning we looked some more before discovering the hiding place….

pics 093

…a chest of drawers! Seems Flora got the idea this would make a good hen house and had shut them all inside. They started pecking around when they heard us feeding the others. I heard them and had to laugh when I opened the drawers and they started popping out!

pics 051

Ivy holds a favorite. I think they have names but never the same name twice, just whatever strikes the kid’s fancy that day. They love to play with the little chicks.

pics 029 

We also have a pretty multi-colored chicken with feathers on its legs and an extra toe on each foot!

pics 012

And Flora got her Zebra chickens – isn’t that fun?!

6 responses to “Baby Chicks!”

  1. Alicia Jones

    If at first you don’t succeed… Farm animals are great for entertainment-kids and adults alike!

  2. Barbara Noe

    love the pictures! what fun! love Barbara Noe

  3. Stacie

    This is a great post! I love the story of Flora locking the chicks in their new hen house. How funny! I am so glad you had a successful hatching.

  4. Katie

    “Alas poor buzzard…”

  5. Lori

    That pic of Eden holding the chicken reminds me of a similar one of Timothy and one of the kittens :)

  6. Anne

    Great post. Lots of farm fun. Not so sure you got the chickens out of the house before they got too stinky, though.

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